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Cheer Canada, the recognized National Sport Organization for cheerleading in Canada, is pleased to announce a call to all athletes that wish to represent Canada at the ICU World Championships in the Premier divisions.

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Team Canada Summer Skills Clinics

Cheer Canada presents the Team Canada Skills Clinics, a series of skill clinics hosted across the country, to act as both a way to develop high level cheerleading in Canada, and as a fundraiser for Premier athletes and the National Program.

These clinics will be hosted and led by Premier Coaches and Athletes currently on the National Team Roster. The clinics will follow the following structure. Every clinic will have a minimum of one Team Canada Premier Coach, and 2 Premier Athletes. The number of attending athletes and coaches will be determined by the number of registrants. The day will include hands-on skill instruction as well as a Coaches’ Session and an Athletes’ Session at the end of the training portion.

The hands-on part of the clinic is for athletes, but coaches can attend, too. They can watch the hands-on portion as well as have an opportunity to spend an hour with the Premier Coach(es) and go over what was taught, as well as ask any questions they have.

Athletes attending this camp should be over 10 years old and have a minimum of level 2/3 stunting experience.

Dates and Times
B.C. – Aug 6th – VAS Port Coquitlam – 2:30PM – 7PM
Manitoba – Aug 13th – Central Cheer – 2:30PM – 7PM
Ontario – Aug 13th – Beach Cheer Athletics – 3:30PM – 8PM
Alberta – Aug 20th – Premier Academy Red Deer – 3:30PM – 8PM
Ontario – Aug 27th – Cheersport Sharks Toronto – 3:30PM – 8PM


Intake (30 Min)
Registration will include a form, that will allow clinicians to prepare for the skill level of attendees and also let athletes identify specific things they may want to work on (eg. Specific stunts, or wanting help with level 7 baskets)
Intake will also allow athletes to identify if they are working with a group of people, or if they are attending on their own / need to be worked into a group
After athletes register and sign in, 30 minutes will be spent creating groups, assessing skill levels, and warming up.

Stunting (2 hrs)
Groups will be organized as close to level and skill as best as possible, and we will have enough clinicians available that every 2 groups should be able to have 1 instructor.
Stunting will be based on group level, and will allow for a lot of flexibility to be able to handle a mixed experience level across the clinic.
Athletes will be able to receive both general knowledge and tips in warm up skills, as well as dive into specific skill goals they have when they work into smaller groups.

Additional Time (1 hr)
The time spent here will be determined by the intake form. This will be an opportunity to provide a more desirable clinic experience. If there is a large interest in baskets, tumbling, or anything else, this time will be spent providing athletes with that opportunity.
Coaches’ / Athletes’ Session (30 – 60 min)
Coaches’ Session is for coaches who attended and watched the clinic to go over in more detail some of the information presented to the athletes. It will also be a chance for the Premier Coach(es) in attendance to present any specific knowledge or important information they want, and will end with a Q&A type session between attending coaches and the Premier Coach(es).
Athletes’ Session is a chance for local athletes to better get to know the National Athletes! The Premier Athletes in attendance will talk about their journey through cheer, as well as impart some specific habits or tips they have for training. The session will close with an AMA for local athletes to ask anything they want to know about being a national athlete.
Cost per athlete is $125/clinic
Cost per coach is $50/clinic
For any team or program that sends 8 athletes, a coach can attend for free.

To register, click here.

For questions or comments, please contact:
Gary Oswald
Executive Director, Cheer Canada

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