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School Regulations of Performance Cheer 2021-2022  (EN / FR)

Scholastic Cheer encompasses athletes in Primary school to Collegiate level competitive and non-competitive programs. Cheerleading began as a sideline activity intended to increase school spirit at games and pep rallies and, while retaining those traditional elements that make Scholastic Cheer unique, has evolved into a highly athletic sport of its own. Scholastic cheerleading showcases routines that feature music and a traditional cheer/chant integral to the Scholastic Cheer culture. The Cheer portion is choreographed to encourage audience participation and may be enhanced by using props, stunts, tumbling, school Mascots, and authentic energy. Teams may elect to be competitive,  while others elect to take the more traditional approach of boosting school spirit at games and events, while some choose to fulfill both roles. Scholastic Cheer is a unique, diverse, and dynamic sport.