Team Canada and Academy Coach Selection Process

2021/2022 Team Canada Premier and Academy Coach Application

Cheer Canada, the recognized National Sport Organization for Cheerleading in Canada, would like to thank you for your interest in coaching one of our Senior National Teams. Coaching a national team on an international stage is a significant commitment and Cheer Canada is seeking world-class coaches to lead our High-Performance program and ultimately drive and sustain the future success of Team Canada Cheerleading. We are seeking coaches to fill roles for the upcoming term. Premier coaches will hold 2-3 year terms and Academy positions will be filled annually.

Completed applications must be received by 11:59 pm PST on September 10th, 2021. Successful candidates will be notified by September 15, 2021.

The Team Canada National Team program is both an elite athlete program that elevates Canada to the highest levels of International Achievement, and a program that develops Ambassadors who represent and promote Cheerleading in Canada.

All National Team and Academy Coaches are responsible for developing a world-class training plan that establishes standards of excellence for the athletes and coaches to foster peak performance, respect for competitors and each other, and inspire integrity. We want to ensure that the teams and the Team Canada Cheer program are respected by the International Cheer Community and everyone across Canada who looks up to our National Team and National Athletes.

● Selection of Academy athletes: Sept 15-25, 2021
● In-Canada Camp #1: December 18-22, 2021
● In-Canada Camp #2: March 11-15, 2022
● Florida Camp: April 15-22, 2022 (*to be confirmed by ICU announcement)
● Opportunity for attendance at additional Academy camps (Current dates include: Oct 9 – NS, Oct 10 – ON, Oct 16 – AB)

Application form available here

The objectives of this Process are to (i) contribute to Cheer Canada’s National Team optimal Team Performance, (ii) contribute towards the achievement of the Cheer Canada strategic plan with respect to High Performance, (iii) provide a safe and inclusive environment for the National Team at National and International Events, and (iv) contribute towards the advancement of clean and ethical sport in Canada and globally.

The Team Canada Coaching Staff are the spokespersons of the Canadian Team(s) for the applicable events at which they are attending.  


  • 3-4 Coaches for each Premier Team
  • Minimum of 10 Academy Coaches
    • quantity to be determined to ensure provincial representation and mentorship opportunities

All Canadian citizens/resident coaches who are eligible to participate in the applicable event in accordance with the event rules, are eligible to submit an application for the position of Team Canada or Academy coaching staff, as per the qualifications described in this process. 

Following are the qualifications deemed essential or preferable for the coaching positions, as evaluated by the Selection Committee for recommendation to the Cheer Canada Board of Directors. 

Cheer Canada welcomes applications from all qualified individuals in Canada. Cheer Canada will consider the diversity of applicants including gender-identification, visible minorities, and language. Bilingualism is considered a strong asset. Selected individuals shall represent, to the extent possible, the diverse nature of Cheer Canada’s membership including geographic location, language, and ethnicity. Cheer Canada also wants to encourage mentorship opportunities between seasoned and new coaches, and to ensure appropriate balance of experience and to plan for succession planning/attrition of staff. 

Note that a PTSO reference is mandatory. 

Preliminary Mandatory Qualifications

  • Must be at least 25 years old;
  • Must include a reference from their PTSO (mandatory), 
  • 2 additional references from an institution or program;
  • Must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada;
  • Must be a member in good standing with their PTSO and Cheer Canada, and be free of any outstanding disciplinary issues and/or complaints;
  • Must be in compliance with, and not have served any sanction under, Cheer Canada’s or any PSO’s code of conduct, the World Anti-Doping Code, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, Panam Sports, and/or Cheer Canada policies and guidelines;
  • Must have a valid Canadian Passport (valid for 6 months past the end-date of the event that they’re attending);
  • Must include a Criminal Background check provided to Cheer Canada within 30 days of appointment to position;
  • Must sign and abide by both the Cheer Canada Conflict of Interest Policy and Confidentiality Agreement;
  • Must adhere to and agree to the National Team Coach Handbook and Code of Conduct Policy; 
  • Must take the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport training (True Sport Clean Untracked, at a minimum) and abide by policies set forth by the CCES and WADA (World Anti-Doping Association); and,
  • Must have “Respect in Sport” for Activity Leaders training.

Demonstrable Assets

  • Demonstrates commitment to fulfil the coaching roles and responsibilities in accordance with the requirements set forth in the National Team Terms of Reference for the applicable event; 
  • Demonstrated track record of success as an accomplished spokesperson and public speaker;
  • Excellent media relations skills;
  • Demonstrated commitment to athletes/coaches and to creating an environment where they can compete to the best of their abilities;
  • Demonstrated commitment to clean and ethical sport;
  • Excellent leadership skills; 
  • A sense of vision and the ability to encourage team building;
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with people (a team player);
  • Ability to interpret change that occurs and respond effectively (i.e. crisis management); and,
  • Effective communication skills (oral and written).

Preferable Qualifications

  • Previous National or International event experience;
  • Bilingual in Canada’s official languages;
  • Knowledge of current Cheer Canada and ICU policies and vision and mission;
  • Linguistic and cultural qualification vis-à-vis the host country; and,
  • A medalist at a high performance event, as applicable.

Additional Requirements for all Cheer Canada Coaches:  

Additional Training considered an asset and will be mandatory if selected: 

  • NCCP Making Headway in Sport (concussion training); 
  • NCCP Make Ethical Decisions; 
  • NCCP Planning a Practice;
  • Recognized Safe Sport Training; and,
  • Outline any additional NCCP training and qualifications held. 

Premier Coach Requirements: 

  • Must have demonstrated relevant experience coaching at the Premier level of cheer for Premier Coaches (All-Star level 7 equivalent); and,
  • Current cheerleading coaching credentials such as ICU credentials, and/or All Star level 7 (if offered in their province/region) and
  • Any other relevant certifications if applicable.

Academy Coach Requirements: 

  • Must have demonstrated relevant experience coaching at the advanced/elite level cheer for Academy Coaches (All-Star level 4/5 equivalent); and,
  • Current cheerleading coaching credentials such as ICU credentials, and/or AllStar level 4-5 (if offered in their province/region) and any other relevant certifications if applicable.
  • Exceptions may be accepted for a mentorship position within Academy, if a Province does not have a qualified applicant eligible at the time of application.


The steps of the selection process of the Academy and Team Canada coaching staff include:

  • Call for Applications; 
  • Review by Selection Committee; 
  • Successful completion of background check of recommended candidate;
  • Recommendation to the Cheer Canada Board of Directors by Selection Committee;
  • Conditional approval by Cheer Canada Board of Directors;
  • Signature of Coach Agreement for the event(s) applicable; and,
  • Announcement of coaching staff.

Call for Applications
The call will be by means of an electronic mailing to all eligible participants of the applicable event, and will also be posted on the Cheer Canada website and social media platforms. Cheer Canada will also leverage the reach of their member PTSOs to ensure all have equal opportunity regarding knowledge of the process.  

Receipt of Applications
An electronic confirmation will be sent to each applicant acknowledging receipt of their application, such acknowledgement shall not be considered in any way as acceptance or selection of the candidature.

The Selection Committee will receive all relevant documentation regarding the qualifying applications, and will be instructed to list their top 5 choices for both Premier & Academy. A selection committee group discussion will not be held, as all evaluations are to be done independently of other opinions. If a selection committee member fails to provide feedback in the specified timeframe, the Board may choose to replace that person with another qualified individual to sit on the selection committee. The Selection Committee will be overseen by the Board in conjunction with the National Team Subcommittee (any members who apply to coach will recuse themselves) and reported to the board for approval.

The selection committee will be formed for one year’s selection process only, and a new selection committee selected for each National Team Coach selection process. 

Additional Notes Regarding the Selection of the Team Canada and Academy Coaches

  • The Selection Committee will review eligibility and qualifications of candidates for the role of Academy coach;
  • The Selection Committee reserves the right to invite individuals meeting the qualifications other than those who have submitted candidature;
  • The Selection Committee reserves the right to invite any, some or all candidates for interviews (whether in person or remotely, at the Committee’s discretion);
  • The Selection Committee reserves the right to request any additional information on any candidature and contact references from any, some or all of the candidates;
  • The Selection Committee will review each applicant independently in lieu of group discussion;
  • The Cheer Canada Board shall not be under obligation to select anyone in connection with the application process and the candidatures received;
  • Unsuccessful candidates will not be provided with any information other than who has been selected by the Board of Directors once such decision has been made public;
  • The Cheer Canada Board shall not be under any obligation to pay for any costs incurred in the preparation of applications or candidatures (other than if travel or meeting is actually requested by Cheer Canada during such process);
  • The Cheer Canada Board reserves the right to cancel this application process, to reject any or all candidatures, to re-open for new applications if necessary; to waive minor irregularities and formalities, and to accept application(s) which offers, in the Cheer Canada’s sole discretion, the best coach candidature for the applicable event.