All Star Cheerleading

All Star Cheerleading is the competitive club portion of our sport. Athletes train at All Star gyms across the country to compete their routines at local, national and international events. Canadian All Star teams have won numerous gold medals at the International All Star Federation (IASF) World Championships.

All Star cheerleading offers various age groups and levels to ensure that there is a team for everyone. Levels ensure safe progression for athletes as they learn increasingly complex skills, and allow athletes at all levels to compete against evenly matched teams. Age grids ensure athletes can develop socially and engage in age-appropriate learning and skill development.

Competitive athletes can spend several days a week training for their sport, and typically train year-round for a competition season that runs from approximately November – May. All Star teams can range in size from 5-38 athletes, typically averaging 15-20 athletes. All Star Clubs in Canada range from small gyms with few than 100 athletes, to large programs, with hundreds of athletes in multiples locations.
Cheer Canada develops guidelines to grow the sport in our country, including setting age grids and developing divisions to grow cheerleading as a Sport For Life.

The Cheer Canada All Star Division List (also called “Age Grid”) is based on the IASF Division List, with a few differences based on unique circumstances in Canada. Please find a list of the divisions to be available in Canada below.

All Star Division List 2023-2024 (EN / FR)

Cheer Canada aligns with the IASF rule set for Cheer Canada All Star divisions:

Prep and Novice divisions will follow IASF level rules, however each has its own additional requirements and modifications.

Novice and Prep Division Rules 2023-2024 (EN / FR)

** Cheer Canada encourages all teams competing outside of Canada to consult with the appropriate event producers and governing authorities to ensure their team size and composition meets event specific requirements. **