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Cheer Canada, the recognized National Sport Organization for cheerleading in Canada, is pleased to announce a call to all athletes that wish to represent Canada at the ICU World Championships in the Premier divisions.

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The Cheer Canada Board of Directors wishes to provide our PTSO’s with an update regarding the Cheer Canada Championships.

Following discussions at the Board of Directors at their November 18th meeting, Cheer Canada regrets to announce that this year’s event will not take place in Saskatoon. However, despite unsubstantiated rumours to the contrary, Cheer Canada is not cancelling the event and is firmly committed to the success of this event for the 2022-2023 season and beyond.

Cheer Canada is actively reviewing alternate sites for this May, 2023 event. As a new venue is finalized, Cheer Canada is soliciting the assistance of PTSO’s to determine the approximate number of teams from your prospective province or territory are interested in attending this event and in what category. We want to ensure that sufficient time and space is available to accommodate those teams that have been working so hard in preparation for this inaugural event. Consequently, we ask that you respond with approximate numbers by November 28th.

The next phase of this process will be to review the current structure of the event to ensure its long term viability so that the Cheer Canada Championships become a signature event that our athletes deserve.

Your assistance in ascertaining an approximate number of entries for this event is greatly appreciate and please feel free to convey Cheer Canada’s adamant commitment to this event. In the interim, Cheer Canada will continue to provide updates regarding this event and, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gary B. Oswald
Executive Director