Cheer Canada has published its 2020-21 Skills List for All-Star teams. This updated list replaces the previous skills chart and serves as a guide for coaches and judges to understand what building and tumbling skills are allowed at each level.

The list was updated to reflect Cheer Canada’s change to comparative scoring, which has fewer routine requirements. Significant changes to the skills list include the removal of “elite” skills, which are no longer defined or required.

Additionally some skills are not specifically defined. For example what was previously a “tick tock style transition” for level 1, now is listed as a “transition in contact with at least one base” providing more freedom for teams to be creative with their skills.

As well, skills are only listed when they first are legal, so level 6 has very few building skills listed, as most of the skills performed at level 6 can legally first be performed at level 5.

The comparative scoring system places less emphasis on the need to perform specific numbers or types of “at level” skills, so skills do not have to be specifically defined as level appropriate for level 6.

The tumbling section of the skills list is also shorter. It is important to note that all variations and combinations of the skills listed are also considered level appropriate. For example level 2 lists only “handsprings” under running tumbling – this would include both front and back handsprings.

It is important to note that teams should use this skills list in conjunction with the IASF rules to ensure that they are executing the defined skills within the confines of the rules.

A scholastic Skills List is under development.