Board of Directors Information and the Nomination Form

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Thank you for your interest in standing for election as a director of Cheer Canada. The purpose of this document is to educate prospective candidates for election about the roles, responsibilities and commitment of a Director of Cheer Canada, so that candidates are fully informed about what is expected of them and what might lie ahead. 

Cheer Canada is at an extremely important stage in the development of our sport and in the progression of our National Sport Organization (NSO) towards gaining recognition by Sport Canada. We have made measurable progress and are looking for members of the team to contribute to strategic areas of development in our organization. Nominees will be subject to an election conducted at the Annual General Meeting of the Members, August 27th, 2022, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia and conducted by video conference platform for those members unable to attend in person. 

Cheer Canada is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified nominees will receive consideration without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability. 

What is the process to be nominated as a Director of Cheer Canada? 

All individuals who are interested in becoming a Director of Cheer Canada must complete the Nomination Form in full. 

All nominees will be contacted to attend a zoom information session in August. 

What is required of me if I am a successful candidate? 

If elected, or a successful nominee, he/she must be willing to: 

  • Provide a current Police Information Check, as per Cheer Canada’s Screening Policy, 
  • Sign the Cheer Canada Conflict of Interest form, 
  • Sign a Cheer Canada Confidentiality agreement, 
  • Complete the online Governance course from Sport for Life, 
  • Complete an “on boarding” process. 
  • Successful nominees will join a virtual meeting of the Board of Directors on August 28th, 2022. The purpose of the board meeting is to elect Officers of the Board and conduct board business. 

Can I nominate myself? 

Yes. Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by others. In cases where an individual is nominated by someone else, the candidate must consent in writing to the nomination. 

What is the deadline for submitting a Nomination Form? 

Nomination Forms should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday, August 10th, 2022. 

What is the structure and composition of the Board of Directors of Cheer Canada?

(as per Cheer Canada Bylaws) 

Composition of the Board 

4.1 Directors – The Board will consist of eleven (11) Directors as follows: 

  1. a) Five (5) Directors-at-Large; 
  2. b) Five (5) Regional Directors, one (1) from each of the following Regions: 
  3. Pacific Region: British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and Northwest Territories;
  4. West Region: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut; 

iii. Central Region: Ontario; 

  1. East Region: Quebec; and 
  2. Atlantic Region: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and

Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Regional Directors must reside in the Region for which they are nominated and elected for a minimum of 12 months. If a Regional Director moves out of the Region they were elected to represent they must resign to make way for the election of a replacement who resides in the Region; and 

  1. c) One (1) Director representative of the athletes. 

Eligibility of Directors 

4.2 Eligibility – Any individual, who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, who is a resident of Canada as defined in the Income Tax Act, who has the power under law to contract, who has not been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country, and who does not have the status of bankrupt, may be nominated for election or appointment as a Director. Also: 

4.3 Ineligible – The following individuals and Members cannot be nominated, appointed or elected as a Director and, if a current Director fills any of the roles below, the Director will be removed as a Director: 

  1. a) Any employee of the Corporation for the duration of their employment and one (1) year after termination of their employment; or 
  2. b) Any individual or Registrant who is hired to perform specific work for the Corporation, either individually or as a partner, associate, Director or shareholder of a corporation for the duration of the specific work and one (1) year after delivery of the work, except in such situations where the only compensation for such work was through an honorarium.

Note that in accordance with the Cheer Canada Code of Conduct, Cheer Canada Directors may NOT be a Director or an employee of a Provincial / Territorial Sports Organization (PTSO) due to time constraints and conflict of interest concerns.

How many Board positions are being sought? 

Six Board positions are sought to be filled at the AGM to be held August 27, 2022:

  • Eastern Regional Director; 
  • Atlantic Regional Director;
  • 2 × At-Large Director positions;
  • Athlete Director, and; 
  • Pacific Regional Director (position is currently vacant), term ending AGM 2023. 

Terms of the positions (as per Cheer Canada By Laws) 

4.7 Terms – Elected Directors will hold office for a term of two (2) years and will hold office until their successors have been duly elected in accordance with these By-laws, unless they resign, or are removed from or vacate their office. Directors may not serve more than four (4) consecutive terms beginning with the adoption of these By-laws.  

What are the duties of a Director? 

Directors are responsible for establishing the short and long term strategic plan for Cheer Canada and in governing the affairs of Cheer Canada on behalf of the Members. Directors have a relationship of ‘trust’ with Members, and it is from this trust relationship that important legal duties arise. It is important to remember that the members have placed their faith in the directors to both do the right thing and do things right. Fiduciary duties of a director are identified in federal statute and in common law, and encompass three components: 

  • The duty of diligence – this is the duty to act reasonably, prudently, in good faith and with a view to the best interests of Cheer Canada and its Members. Personal agendas must be set aside. 
  • The duty of loyalty– this is the duty to place the interests of Cheer Canada first, ahead of the interests of other associations (including Provincial Sport Organizations), and to not use one’s position as a Director of Cheer Canada to further private interests. 
  • The duty of obedience– this is the duty to act within the scope of the bylaws, policies and rules of Cheer Canada, and within the scope of other laws, rules and regulations that apply. In particular, policies relating to Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct are very important. 

What are the competencies, experience and qualities sought in potential Directors? 

Currently the board is looking to bring on Directors who have current and relevant experience and expertise. Individuals with the following skills are being sought: 

  • Financial background, or experience in sponsorship and fundraising,
  • Legal and regulatory experience
  • Board and Governance experience
  • Business and Strategic planning experience
  • Health, Safety and Environmental experience
  • Effective communicator. 

In addition to legal duties, directors are also expected to fulfill certain job requirements. A capable director is one who: 

  • Has the experience to meet the criteria contained in the Nomination Form attached, 
  • Demonstrates a strong personal commitment to the work of Cheer Canada, 
  • Possesses knowledge, skills and/or expertise in one or more areas of board governance, 
  • Is willing to serve on committees to support Cheer Canada in doing its work,
  • Prepares for, attends, and participates fully in Board meetings, 
  • Publicly represents the positions and views of Cheer Canada, even if they might differ from the director’s personal positions or views, and 
  • Understands and respects the confidentiality of the business of Cheer Canada. 

Additional preferences and competencies that are currently an asset to maintaining a balanced and representational Board include : 

  • Revenue generation / sponsorship experience, 
  • Bilingual (French – English), 
  • Geographical representation across Canada, 
  • Understanding of long term athlete development 

What time and work commitment are involved? 

The Cheer Canada Board meets monthly on a seasonal basis. Most meetings are held by video conference call and conducted in English. A director is expected to be prepared for these meetings, by having reviewed the agenda and read all materials distributed in advance. Directors are also expected to chair one of Cheer Canada’s Committees, participate in the Annual General Meeting of Cheer Canada and may be asked to represent Cheer Canada at other local, regional, or national events. A director should expect to spend approximately 7-10 hours per week on matters involving Cheer Canada. 

If I decide to stand for election, what are the next steps? 

  1. If you have any questions about what is involved in being a Director on the National Board, please feel free to contact Cheer Canada’s Executive Director (
  2. Complete the Nomination Form by Wednesday August 10th, 2022.

Are there other ways to contribute to Cheer Canada efforts (other than being a Director)? 

Absolutely. Several committees require and are currently accepting nominations for capable and committed people from across Canada to fill roles to ensure the direction of the Board and Members is properly carried out. This is an excellent way to have input into a particular area within our sport that fits with your area of expertise. 

What is the timeline of events related to the election of Directors? 

  • May 6th, 2022  – Distribution of nomination information 
  • August 10th, 2022 – All nominations for Board of Director candidates to be received 
  • August 21st, 2022 – Director information to be distributed to Cheer Canada Members (Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations) 
  • August 27th, 2022 – Election of Directors at the Annual General Meeting 

Voting will take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Members on August 27th, 2022 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and by Zoom video conference for those unable to attend. Only those Members in good standing are eligible to vote. Members are the provincial/territorial governing bodies. 

Successful Nominees will be asked to participate in a Board meeting (by Zoom video conference) on August 28th, 2022 at a time yet to be determined for the purpose of electing the Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) as well as other board business.