Meet Emily! Emily is a 22 year old cheerleader with Olympia Allstar Cheerleading and a Member of the 2020/2021 Team Canada Adaptive Abilities Unified Division.
In the spring of 2018, while waiting to see Nike take the stage at the Worlds, Emily saw the Cheer Canada Special Abilities compete and from the moment they walked on the stage, she had stars in her eyes, “Special needs were taking over the World!” Once the team was done competing she had tears in her eyes, looked at her mom and said “I want to do that! I want to cheer at the Worlds” Fall 2019, when John in Halifax was putting a team together to put in a bid for the Worlds, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity. Training was 3 hours away and Emily would need to meet new teammates and coach but she was determined and so were we. February 2020, when the team received the news that they were selected, it was the most amazing thing to see Emily tear up again. To imagine that my daughter would be representing her country in an International competition was surreal. Although the competition was postponed and subsequently cancelled, Emily and her team received their gear and to see her so proudly wear it was the most wonderful thing. She’s ready for 2021 and I’m fairly sure she’s going to make me drive to Halifax for as long as there’s a possibility that one day she will be on that World Stage.
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