The mandate of the website administrator position is to:
1. Be the lead person who maintains, updates, and adjusts the Cheer Canada website as required;
2. Work with the External Relations Committee, Translation Task team, Cheer Canada Board, and Cheer Canada Executive Director to perform these tasks in a time-sensitive manner.

Key Duties of the Website Administrator
The Cheer Canada Website Administrator shall:
• Provides leadership to support, update, and improve the Cheer Canada website;
• Provide suggestions for ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement of updating processes for the website;
• Be able to evaluate and update the automatically translated text from English to French, to ensure that it reads appropriately. The Cheer Canada site uses a “plugin” to help translate text, however, it requires oversight to ensure that the correct terms are being used;
• Provide support, guidance and training to other individuals designated to perform website updates by Cheer Canada
• Works in collaboration with the External Relations Committee and the Translation Task Team to make website updates and ensure consistency between all of Cheer Canada’s communication platforms;
• Work with small teams when required for specific projects;
• Commit time for regular committee meetings, planning sessions, and enact the changes to the website resulting from these meetings in an extremely timely fashion;
• Engage in critical thought when participating in meetings and committee discussions, and be committed to a vibrant future of Cheer Canada;
• Listen well and be thoughtful in considering issues;
• Get to know other members to build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus;
• Understand the fiscal implications of decisions and recommendations provided.

Attributes and Key Competencies:
• Fluent oral and written communication skills in both English and French
• Proficiency (ideally 1-3 years experience) in the use of WordPress website development platform
• Minimum of 5 hours a week (this may vary week to week);
• Available during the week and weekends to make updates to the website as required;
• Knowledge in Cheerleading is an asset;
• HTML coding knowledge is an asset;
• Experience with Weglot is an asset;
• Excellent communication skills, orally and in writing
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Cheer Canada Board members, staff and volunteers.

The website administrator is a volunteer position that reports to the Executive Director of Cheer Canada

The compensation for this position is:
• This is a volunteer position, so no salary will be provided;
• The successful candidate may use Cheer Canada as a reference providing prior permission has been provided by the Board.

The term of the volunteer website administrator is from the date of appointment by the Cheer Canada Board of Directors through to the Cheer Canada AGM 2021, at which point, there is an opportunity for extension should the Board be in favour.

The website administrator will receive the necessary resources from Cheer Canada to fulfill the mandate and may from time to time have staff persons or additional volunteers assigned to assist with its work. If financial resources are required, the Board may approve these.

The website administrator volunteer will complete a weekly status report and track the hours spent working on Cheer Canada business. This will help determine the strategic plan for this position long-term.

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Application Deadline: December 4, 2020