As students across the country head back to school, typically cheerleading teams are also getting ready for their season to get underway, or for practices to increase in intensity. Many All Star teams would normally be resuming their full practice schedule and competition routines would be coming together.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, this season will look a little different. Each province is facing different restrictions on school and community sports activities, and each has a unique set of rules governing how sports can be practiced.

Cheer Canada encourages all school and community teams to consult their Provincial Sports Organization and school district regulations to understand what is and isn’t allowed in their region, and to be prepared for the rules to change as the season goes on. Additionally, Cheer Canada encourages members to be aware that local, municipal or regional rules may be more stringent than provincial rules. For example, some cities may require masks to be worn, while provincially there may not be a mask mandate.

Where teams are allowed to practice, Cheer Canada encourages gyms and programs to have a plan in place to deal with potential outbreaks of Covid-19. Cheer Canada has provided these Return to Sport Guidelines, as a starting point for programs to review.

While safety is always an important consideration in all cheerleading activities this year it takes on a special significance. Let’s all work to keep athletes and coaches safe as we return to sport across the country.